The Beginning​.​.​.

by Hell Yeeeeah


01. Intro
02. Who Wanna Raise Some Hell!?
03. Got Milk?
04. Spit Diffrent
05. Pandemonium
06. The Wedding
07. Have A Nice Day
08. H.O.E.(High On Ecstasy)
09. Weedable Wednesday
10. Hard Knocks And Cheap Pops
11. Obsession
12. Aggression
13. American Pie
14. Live IV The Moment
15. Rage, Frustration, Fury & Anger
16. Blood, Sweat And Beers

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released January 1, 2003

Who Is Hell Yeeeeah?

How can one man embody so much pent up frustration inside, and use it to his advantage. Born and raised on the streets of Brooklyn, New York this Bedford Stuyvesant native has been on the scene for a while. He first emerged in 1996 performing alongside his former partner and current label mate Allwayz (who compromised Circle Of Fear) .Under The Guidance Of Mind Management Circle Of Fear found there selves building a foundation for their clique 5th Militia Music Performing at the now defunct Q-Club (Queens, New York, Mind Management 1st Annual A& R Dream Showcase, Tune Music Seminar, Black Ball's 1st Annual Bridges N' Heights Concert Etc.

That same year Circle of Fear found there self working with Up And Coming Producer Self(Producer of Nas Queensfest,DMX What's My Name?,Cam'ron That's Me Etc.). To Record a Track Called Life witch appeared on the Mind Management Summer Sampler for Personal Threat Records.

In The winter of 1998 Hell Yeeeeah (Then known as Forever) once again aligned with partner Allwayz appeared on the Black Ball Productions Brides N' Heights compilation no.1 on a track entitled Kill the Clowns (Produced by Fantasy for Black Ball Productions). Shortly after Circle of Fear Dissolved and both partners went there separate ways due to creative differences.

Now 5 years later after several minor set backs Hell Yeeeeah has remerged to the forefront as the first artist to be released on 5th militia music. Where he is set to launch his debut album The Beginning... in the spring of 2004.



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